Top 10 Reasons to Join TGF

There are many reason to join TGF. You will no doubt come up with your own. Here are some of our top 10:

  1. Let Your Voice Be Heard – TGF enables you to voice your opinion in a safe and non-judgmental environment. You are the future of our community and we want to hear what you have to say!
  2. Know Your Community – Meetings will often be held at different not-for-profit organizations and you will have an opportunity to learn about agencies you never knew existed.
  3. Make Grants – Experience the responsibilities that come with making funding decisions and feel good about awarding $2,500 - $5,000 or more to various local not-for-profit organizations. This is not fundraising; you will be giving money away.
  4. Make a Difference – The grants you make impact the community as a whole. Your decisions can potentially fund an entire after-school program, keep a child safe from an abusive environment or support local arts and culture initiatives. Help shape the future of our community!
  5. Network – You have the opportunity to meet and work side-by-side with fellow students, volunteers, community leaders and many very caring and grateful people.
  6. Enhance Your Skills – Communication, leadership and teamwork skills are vital to your life and future career. Enhance your skills through training opportunities and presentations by local business professionals.
  7. Volunteer – Learn what it takes to be a contributing member of your community and see how your time, talents and efforts help not-for-profit organizations keep their doors open.
  8. Pay it Forward – By donating your time and talent to the TGF program, you are more likely to get involved in community service activities throughout your lifetime.
  9. Build Your Self-Worth – Using your unique skills, you will work with others to make decisions that will have a positive impact on the lives of many people.
  10. Lead by Example – Imagine if your commitment and caring influenced just 3 other people to step up to help make a difference, and then those 3 each influenced 3 more on down the line.


  1. Create organizational structures and partnerships to support and sustain a youth philanthropy program for Geneseo and the surrounding communities
  2. Engage area teens as decision-makers and connect them to a broader community
  3. Identify community issues
  4. Build a youth-friendly environment
  5. Expand opportunities for teens to work together
  6. Build on community assets to support lasting change
  7. Promote Youth Development by helping them to:
    1. Obtain leaderships skills
      1. Event Planning
      2. Organization
    2. Enhance communication skills
      1. Engage peers through volunteerism
      2. Marketing and Public Relations
      3. Networking – other programs in area, statewide and national level
    3. Learn basics and the process of
      1. Philanthropy
      2. Grant Making
      3. Asset Mapping
      4. Community Needs Analysis and Assessment
    4. Grow through experience
  8. Provide program training and support
  9. Assess program activities and outcome
  10. Communicate program accomplishments

Most importantly, our goal is to inspire and promote an inner passion to give, to help others, to gather support and to provide our youth an opportunity to experience first-hand the powerful impact that philanthropy has on a community.

How awesome for teens to prove to themselves that they not only can make a difference, but that they already have!

While having fun!


Join the fun!

We often play games, have ice breakers, and try to come up with creative ways to share and listen to each others' opinions regarding issues in our community, both positive and negative. We also bring in guest speakers, and those who have years of experience in teaching and training youth philanthropists.

Scheduled Meetings

TGF is on a temporary break while we work to reinvent our approach in bringing together the philanthropic interest of the teens in our community and the organizations that will benefit from their support. We plan to resume our youth philanthropy group in 2020. Rest assured that our permanent endowment continues to grow and that the funds will be available for granting when our meetings resume. Thank you for your interest and support!

Sep 10    4:00-6:00
Oct 8 1:00-3:00
Nov 5 1:00-3:00
Dec 10 1:00-3:00
Jan 14 1:00-3:00
Feb 11 1:00-3:00
Mar 11 1:00-3:00
Apr 15 1:00-3:00
May 6 1:00-3:00