Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Philanthropy is a unique opportunity for teens to participate as grant makers, rather than fundraisers. Here we will answer some questions that you may have about how our program operates, or how you can support or participate in TGF.

TGF is a nine month program, beginning in September and ending in May each year. Our calendar coincides with area schools, in part so teens can discuss TGF and share our story with friends at school. This helps to recruit new members and build awareness of our program throughout the community. New members can apply any time between April and August.

Our online donation is available through the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend. Any donation you submit at this page will automatically be deposited in our permanent endowment fund. Our goal is to grow this fund to $100,000. Once we reach this goal, the annual interest from this fund will allow TGF participants to grant out $4,000 to $5,000 each year in perpetuity, making youth philanthropy available to each new class of Geneseo area teens through the generations. The principal will remain untouched and this fund will grow each year!
We can also receive gifts from estates and real estate. If you have it in your heart to support our program, please contact us to arrange for a specialist to talk to in handling your donation. Thank you!